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Are Business Courses Actually Useful?

Here at Ohio State, business students studying at Fisher College of Business can all bond over the shared experience that is business core classes. All OSU business students must take these classes in order to become a well-rounded professional in the corporate world. This week, I asked UBWA members Morgan Sousa, Adriana Mendoza Vargas, and Katarina Ifantis what is one impactful business class you’ve taken and how has it prepared you for the business world? Whether you’re a first-year trying to plan next year’s schedule or a junior trying to get through these last five weeks, their insightful responses should provide some inspiration.

Morgan Sousa is a second-year finance major. This is her first year in UBWA. One of her favorite UBWA memories was going on the thrifting trip at the beginning of the year. “I met many awesome people then and immediately felt welcomed into UBWA,” says Morgan. Two classes that helped prepare Morgan for her future career in finance were Introduction to Accounting I and II (ACCTMIS 2200 and 2300). Taking accounting provided Morgan with relevant skills and information for the business world. As Morgan states, “Accounting became a subject I enjoy and it opened up more paths of interest for me after college.” Even if you’re not a finance or accounting major, Introduction to Accounting can help you develop analytic skills and give you a greater understanding of the financial reporting all businesses must do.

Similarly, Business Skills and Environment (BUSMHR 2292) is an impactful course for students across specializations. Adriana Mendoza Vargas is a second-year logistics major with a minor in Spanish for business. She has been a member of UBWA since her freshman year. One thing Adriana enjoys about UBWA is the opportunity to connect with and support her fellow women in business. Her favorite UBWA memory was painting tote bags and getting to meet new people at the recent cozy meeting.

Adriana would say BUSMHR 2292 was her most impactful class because of its real-world application. Knowing that the work she did in class would prepare her for the future, made the class more enjoyable. In addition the ongoing group work and discussion-based nature of the class, “forced me to come out of my shell a bit more and force myself to talk in class and with people outside of class”, says Adriana. Impactful classes go beyond transferring information into boosting student confidence and preparing them for the future.

Katarina Ifantis is a second-year finance major. She joined UBWA at the beginning of this year. One of her favorite UBWA experiences was preparing for the career fair during Business Boot Camp. As Katarina states, “It was one of the first times I really experienced the association as a community of supportive women that want to help each other above anything else.” Katarina also found BUSMHR 2292 to be one the most impactful business classes that she’s taken. One reason for this is that BUSMHR 2292 helped her to become more confident. According to Katarina, “I learned so much about the value of my voice in the work environment and how to use it to the best of my abilities.” In a business world where women’s voices too often go unheard, learning how to speak up is a game changer.

While we may feel far away from our future goals, rest assured that the work you do today is helping you prepare for tomorrow. Don’t forget to appreciate all the ways you’ve learned and grown this year, whether you’ve become a better communicator or finally figured out the difference between assets and liabilities. Though business classes may be difficult, they’re hopefully preparing us for a future we might not yet realize.



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