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The Transfer Process and How It Works

Picking a major can be an overwhelming and, quite frankly, a daunting task. There are numerous options, factors, and people influencing one’s decision. And at a school as big as Ohio State, the choices seem endless. Ohio State offers more than 12,000 courses across 18 different colleges. However, whether you come into college as undecided or you declare a major, your decision does not need to be cemented. 

At Ohio State, students are able to change their majors and even transfer between colleges at the University. Requirements for being able to change your major and college differ between each college. Generally, in order to switch you must be in good academic standing and have earned a cumulative GPA that meets the standards of wherever you are transferring into. For the Fisher College of Business, students transferring in must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.1. Additional requirements specific to Fisher include completing certain classes with a grade of a C or above and having completed at least 26 semester hours of coursework (with 12 of those being from Ohio State or any post-secondary institution). Students must also fill out an application to see if they will be accepted into this competitive business school. 

Sophomore, Tansey Lee went through the process of transferring into the Fisher College of Business. Originally, Tansey was a student in the College of Engineering, but ultimately came to the decision that it was not the right place for her and her interests. Tansey says she chose to make the switch into Fisher because she knew she had an interest in marketing and wanted to further explore that. She had also heard about Fisher’s positive reputation saying,  “Fisher is one of the top-rated business schools so it seemed like a no-brainer…” With all of these compounding factors, she decided to take the leap and become a Fisher student.

Regarding the process of transferring, Tansey remarked, “The transfer process itself was not too difficult and my advisor helped me along the way.” The advice Tansey wants to offer other students who may be thinking about transferring colleges within Ohio State is to pursue the areas that truly interest them. Additionally, to not be afraid to ask for help from professors, counselors, teaching assistants, or even your peers. 

Since becoming a  Fisher student, Tansey has joined Women in Business where she has been able to connect and learn from professionals in their fields, along with all the other club members. Along with marketing, she also has a passion for fashion, so she found out about and joined Scarlette Magazine, the school’s student-run fashion magazine. 

College is the place for students to explore their interests. Whether they fall in love with something they have been studying for years, or they surprise themselves by finding an interest in a totally new topic they had never heard of before college, that is what college is for. It is important for students not to feel stuck with what they originally picked as an incoming Freshman. Within Ohio State and the Fisher College of Business, students have the ability to explore different areas, come into contact with people and topics they have never learned about before, and in all learn more about themselves and who they want to be.



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